You are welcome to pick up your puppy in person, of course, but sometimes busy schedules or long distances make it tough. If this is the case for you, check out the options below. Note that due to USDA regulations, not all breeders can ship puppies, but we at Pomeranian Pups Home Sale have services that permit us to ship your new pet to your pickup location or doorstep.

Shipping is available worldwide!

Ground and Airline Shipping: Call us for rates and details.

How Our Puppy Transport Services Work:

  1. Airport Selection*: We’ll find and choose the closest airport that implements a Pet Safe program. A Pet Safe program ensures qualified individuals and practices for a successful pet delivery service.
  2. Coordination: Communication is key in any relationship, especially the one between your puppy’s breeder and you. We work with you and the breeder to coordinate schedules, and we’ll send you an itinerary.
  3. Puppy Pickup: Next, we’ll send a team member to pick up your puppy from the breeder and transport it to the airport. This is our favorite part of our puppy transport service because we get to spend precious time petting your pup during the entire ride to the airport!
  4. Accommodations: Once onboard and snuggled in, your puppy will travel in comfort in a new airline-approved kennel with a soft bed, food, and water.
  5. Communication: We will be in touch throughout the day with your puppy’s flight schedule until they arrive safely in your arms. At the end of your pet delivery services with Poodle 6 Teacup Puppies, we would appreciate you leaving us a review to let us know how you enjoyed the experience.

A Few Last Notes About Shipping a Puppy…

Every puppy deserves a welcoming home, no matter where in the country that loving home may be! Now, thanks to Pomeranian Pups Home Sale’s puppy shipping and puppy transport services, we can make that happen.

  • Our typical pet delivery service costs vary for any recommended home delivery.
  • Due to COVID-19, we can only deliver your new puppy directly into your arms!! We have reliable airline agents that will fly your puppy right to you. This is the safest, most reliable, and least stressful way for your new puppy to be delivered to you. An agent takes the puppy on board with them, and they can give them the attention they need. We want the best possible care for your puppy!
  • If you want your puppy delivered to your local airport, To begin your delivery process or to make a reservation, call or fill out our contact form here!
  • Every puppy delivered through us will be handled with the utmost compassion by one of our puppy delivery specialists.
  • Any kenneling fees owed because of flight cancellations will be the responsibility of the individual who receives the puppy.